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Designer Plus

An Introduction: How it Works

Designer Plus: The Electronic Cabinet Draftsman

Designer Plus is the tool for saving time while producing exceptional 3-D drawings on the computer. You may have read about the benefits of CAD (computer aided drafting): the time savings, accuracy, and quality of drawing delivered to the client. Unfortunately, CAD has two drawbacks. First, CAD takes a long time to learn and second, CAD is very expensive. Designer Plus overcomes these problems, providing an easily mastered CAD package at an unbeatable price! 

Generic 3D CAD programs are written for a broad market, with little effort spent tailoring a program for any single industry. Consequently you need to know dozens of CAD commands to achieve your drawing goals or a large collection of drawing symbols to speed up drawing.

Designer Plus uses one of these generic CAD programs, DesignCAD 3D, Instead of drawing cabinet elements one at a time Designer Plus will draw the cabinets for you

Designer Plus draws the cabinets through the use of menus where you select the type, style and modifications. Drawing a cabinet requires only two points to establish the location and width; the rest is menu driven!

Click to see steps to draw a custom cabinet

The custom cabinet the steps will make



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