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Klok Perspective Drafting Board

I have received a number of requests for instructions on how to use this board so I have copied the instruction materials that came with mine to  jpgs.  They are to be used only for instruction on the use of the Klok Perspective Drawing Board.   

Each jpg is one 8-1/2 X 11" page.  To print the plates so that you can use them on the board you will need to print them on 8-1/2 X 11" paper with no border.

I hope these will help you learn how to use this board.  It is a very good tool.

To save bandwidth each page is a separate jpg,  you will need to save each image to your computer.  

Manual front cover

Manual page 2

Manual page 3

Manual page 4

Manual page 5

Manual page 6

Manual page 7

Manual page 8

Plate 1A and 1B

Plate 2

Plate 3

Plate 4

Plate 5

Plate 6

Plate 7

Plate 8

Plate 9

Plate 10

Plate 11

Plate 12

Plate right half 13.jpg

Plate left half 13.jpg

Plate right half 14.jpg

Plate left half 14.jpg

Plate right half 15.jpg

Plate left half 15.jpg

Plate right half 15a.jpg

Plate left half 15a.jpg

Plate right half 16.jpg

Plate left half 16.jpg

Plate right half 17.jpg

Plate left half 17.jpg





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